Outlook Mailbox Analyzer

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  • Rapidly find emails, regardless of how deeply they are buried in you folder structure.

  • Quickly identify the number of Outlook items in each and every folder, simultaneously.

  • Easily see the total number of items for each domain name or email address for the entire system or just selected folders.

  • Quickly identify the locations for one, some or all sender domain names or email addresses.  

  • In one step, easily move all items of a selected domain name or email address into one centralized folder. Or simply remove them from your system.  

  • Runs with Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003

  • You can view multiple items across multiple .pst files in one single, concise screen.

  • Comprehensive local and on-line help facilities.

  • For extensive explanations on how the product works, browse our online documentation.

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