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Convert a full Outlook Database with the click of the button
Setup the field mapping characteristics or use the default that is provided and you can bring the data from Outlook to ACT.
Categories-To-Groups Support
Convert the categories of each contact in Outlook to Groups in ACT!.
Support for User Defined Properties
Bring over any user defined fields in Outlook to ACT!
Phone Parsing Technology
Bring over phone numbers with extensions, alpha numeric ( i.e. 1-800-My-Phone) without having to lose any data.
Outlook Filtering
Embedded filtering allows you to bring only the outlook contacts that you want. No more scanning through the whole world to bring over the data!
Duplicate Management
Multiple-Level Duplicate identification makes it easy to convert multiple times without any duplicates.
Support for Notes, Contact Notes, Journal, Tasks and Calendar
What else is there? Want to bring over these items, Outlook-To-ACT Migration Professional will do it for you.
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Compatible and Tested with Outlook 2000, 2002, and 2003

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