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Licensing Procedures
Saving your license
Consider the confirmation email sent to you when you purchased our products like money. Print the confirmation email and put it in a safe place. In case you lose your hard drive or you have to re-install our software on the same computer, the license tracking or order number are the most important things for you to re-register your software.

Licensing Procedures for PersonalCRM Products

All our products are licensed for a single user on a single computer. Please read the license agreement provided with your product. All our licenses are non-transferable.

All our evaluation products are the same as the permanent products. When the correct license is entered, the product then becomes enabled and can be used without the evaluation restrictions.

Licensing Procedures

All Other PersonalCRM Products.
All our other products use an Activation key methodology. Enter the key on the Registration->Enter License box and the product is then enabled via our license server. Upon receipt of your license number, you must follow the following steps to activate your product:

  1. Click on Registration->Enter License  and enter your license number from your purchase. This has to be done from the computer where you want to active the product.
  2. The license is then activated on our license server.

High Security Firewall Environments
In some cases, certain firewalls will not allow the registration to occur with our license server. To activate your product manually, click on the link below and enter your Serial Number (listed in the Help->About Box) and your the license number provided to you when you purchased the product.


License Actions
Activating Your Product

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