Only for Entrepreneurs

PersonalCRM Inc. is a leading force in the deployment of innovative contact management add-on solutions for ACT!, Outlook, and Quickbooks. Our products are regarded as the best in their selected categories. We are all entrepreneurs with an eye to develop leading edge products and sell them on the net.

Our emphasis on net positioning has brought us to be on of the 10 most popular sites for contact management/addon solutions at Yahoo. Searching for products using keywords that we target results with PersonalCRM having either the top-slot or we are in the top 5 instances on the search engine positioning. 

Are you an entrepreneur? If you have a product you'd like PersonalCRM to carry, contact us.

Products that we will consider:

  • Finished products. The product must be finished, tested, and we must be able to evaluate it in-house.
  • Documentation. The product must come with documentation. If you don't have an online manual, that's ok.
  • Significant Addon Value. If the product is an Addon, there must be a significant addon value to the target package being enhanced.

Products we will not consider

  • Replacement options for Outlook, ACT!, Outlook Express, Quickbooks
  • Competing Products. We will not even look at ASP Solutions or products that compete with our own or with the addon products we target.
  • Buggy, non-user-friendly products

In general, we look at the software descriptions (documentation, help files) and then evaluate its functionality, robustness, and addon value. Upon doing that, you will be contacted.

What can PersonalCRM Inc. do for you?

We at personal provide the following for our Entrepreneurs:

  • Marketing Muscle. We position, target, advertise, and manage your product in our worldwide channels. In a very short time, we can offer your product to thousands of customers, rank high on search engines, and much, much more.
  • Sales Muscle. Our mix of Sales and Marketing management ensures that your product is being properly followed up and that all leads are tracked.
  • Customer Muscle. A large percentage of our customers send requests for improvements and ideas for new products. We pass those ideas/innovations to our most qualified entrepreneurs.

How to Contact PersonalCRM Inc.

If you want to follow your dream and join a venture that is dedicated to the best entrepreneurs, contact us. Provide us with the following information.

  1. A short description of the product.
  2. Where the product documentation can be downloaded in .pdf format. We will only look at .pdf docs.
  3. A download link for the product.

To contact us, click here.

When we reject products

When a product is rejected, please do not resubmit the product to us. We will just not carry the product as part of our product line, either because of technical, support, or strategic issues. If we believe that your product is commercially viable through our channels, we will contact you and we then establish a relationship, and that includes if any changes and/or enhancements have to be done to the product.

Principals only, please.

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