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 eConvert For Outlook and Exchange

Convert Text Emails Into Outlook and Exchange Contacts

Easy Use Convert WEB submissions, email leads, and other data from emails  into Outlook/Exchange contacts 
Evaluation Restrictions eConvert for Exchange allows you to test the software for a period of 15 days or up to 100 contacts, whichever comes first.
Easy Setup Setup all fields that have to be parsed and entered into the ACT! or Outlook Database. From our tests, we've been able to parse any field combination from Label-driven fields to full addresses to Line labels. 
Immediate Results You can immediately discover the results by using the test window. No longer do you have to wait until the leads are streaming in to discover where you went wrong.
Outlook Compliant Fully compatible with Outlook 2000 and later versions. This package is easy to install and will show results immediately. Automatic e-mail-to-Contact matching makes internet contact management a breeze to perform. 
 Mass Conversions Convert your whole mailbox with this product using our email source identification techniques.
Product User Guide Click here for the eConvert user guide in PDF Format.
Free Trial Out free trial allows you to analyze and test this product's great capabilities. 




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