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Multi-Database Scanning
Scan multiple databases for bounced emails. One contact can exists in a multiple of databases.
Multi-Database Centralized Management
One interface, easy and powerful. Manage all the databases you have from a single screen. You need no more to open and manage every single database.
Quick Editing
You can edit or remove contacts and email addresses fast and easy. The interface allows you to perform all your editing chores and then click update to update all the databases listed on your list. Could not be easier.
Multiple Action Planning
Schedule multiple actions to be schedule when a contact is found:
  • Schedule a task with the contact
  • Set a field to use in future lookups
  • Clear the email address field for the contact
  • Create a note in History for the contact.  
Background Processing
After you have setup the basic parameters, process all return emails in the background.
Automatic Identification of Bounced Emails
Our user-editable list of bounced emails identifiers provides you with the power to add/remove/edit your own set of email identification strings.
The ultimate tool to keep your database clean

In any business, bounced emails reflect the poor quality of your database. In addition, large numbers of bounced emails are a reflection of spam and your company may be labeled as a spammer.

Our unique field-to-parse-settings allow each field to have it's own, independent way of finding the data in the email.

This product uses our own Turbo-speed methodology of scanning emails. You'll be amazed how quickly it works.
Logging Mechanism
You can create your own log of bounced emails and then import them using a comma delimited import mechanism.
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