PersonalCRM Support

Activating/Unlocking your PersonalCRM Product
Limited Time Special
To activate a PersonalCRM product, you will need the license number provided to you when you purchased the product. Click on Registration->License Activation and enter your license. It is then registered with our license server.
  1. Click on Registration->Enter License  and enter your license number from your purchase. This has to be done from the computer where you want to active the product.
  2. The license is then activated on our license server.

High Security Firewall Environments
In some cases, certain firewalls will not allow the registration to occur with our license server. To activate your product manually, click on the link below and enter your Serial Number (listed in the Help->About Box) and your the license number provided to you when you purchased the product.

Manual License Activation
Click here and have your license and product serial numbers ready. Upon receipt of your web submission, an email will be sent to you with the manual instructions to activate your product.

Unlock Codes

For a period of time, some of our software was licensed using Unlock Code methodology. This methodology has been discontinued and we are now using a license server. If your software still requests unlock codes, please download a copy from our web and submit your license number via our Contact Us form. We'll activate your license on our license server.

License Options