Manual Entry Instructions

Most of PersonalCRM's products use a license server that enables our software to be used when purchased. This mechanism is done via an internet call via Port 80 to our server. However, in some installations, a firewall blocks the registration and you must then resort to a manual registration of the product.
Requesting Manual Activation

When the connection with the PersonalCRM License Server fails, the software prompts you to manually register. However, if you failed to register, you can do so by clicking on the Manual License Registration menu button, as indicated below:

When you click on the Manual License Activation menu, you receive the screen below:

Enter your data in the fields (step 1) and click on the register button (step 2). Upon receipt of your request, PersonalCRM will generate a set of codes that will unlock the activation of your software. There codes are emailed to you.


Activating Your Software

The software activation email from PersonalCRM has 3 codes, for example:

Serial Number: 23498-2308-2347-0987
License Number: 86262-3236-0618-3303
Unlock Key: 84263-4572-2039-1234

The Serial Number is the unique number for your installation, the license number is the license number you received when you purchase the product, and Unlock Key is the unique unlock key for your installation.

To enter these codes to your software installation, do the following:


  • When entering the License and Unlock Code, make sure that they match exactly
  • The serial number cannot be changed. It is unique to your activation of the software
  • After saving the data, restart the software and it should work unencumbered.
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